A simple offline dictionary software for Firefox OS

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FireDict... a simple offline dictionary software for Firefox OS with support for the StarDict format. It scans for dictionaries in your sdcard's dictdata directory.

Users of ColorDict or GoldenDict (for Android) should be familiar with the overall user experience. You can look up words in several dictionaries at the same time. Each dictionary is given a color. Entries in the lookup view are then flagged according to the color of the respective dictionary.

Dictionaries that you can use with FireDict can be found in many places on the web. For your convenience, I compiled a small selection of freely available dictionaries here.

FireDict is a privileged app and needs the following permissions:

  • device-storage:sdcard (readonly) - FireDict will scan your sdcard's dictdata directory and access the files stored there.
  • storage - FireDict builds a word index for each dictionary and stores it in an IndexedDB. The index's size might exceed several megabytes.

Although FireDict is stable, there are still major performance problems with the way dictionaries are stored internally, because of which the UI doesn't feel perfectly smooth. Scanning for dictionaries can take very long and word lookup is sometimes a bit laggy.